Recent Clients

Consulting Services

  • Full API RP-751 Audit including Audit Team Lead with existing protocol
  • Customized 1/2 day -3 day Operator and Maintenance Training Course, customized to your units’ specific needs
  • Operating and Maintenance Procedures Production and Review
  • Turnaround Planning and Support
  • Chemical Cleaning Planning and Support
  • PSSR (Pre Startup Safety Review)
  • PSM/MOC (Process Safety Management/Management of Change) Support or Participation
  • Operational and Corrosion Issue Troubleshooting
  • Best Practice (API RP-751)

Engineering Services

Through HF Alkylation Consultants’ unique alliance with STRESS Engineering Partners, a AAA rated engineering firm highly recognized in the Oil and Gas Industry, we bring their unprecedented engineering solutions to the table when discussing your HF Alkylation Unit. This further illustrates our ability to be your one-stop shop for all your HF Alkylation needs.

Examples of Services and Support:

  • Capital Project Engineering
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
  • HF De-Inventory Mangement
  • Emergency Systems
  • Detailed piping and unit design
  • Piping and fixed equipment failure analysis
  • Fit for service inspection and testing
  • HF Leak Mitigation Systems Design & Support

Our expert team can assist in mitigating the loss of qualified, experienced operations personnel thereby helping to improve profitability, reliability and safe operating conditions within your company’s Alkylation Unit.

Additionally, our partnership with STRESS Engineering allows us to bring unprecedented solutions to the table when discussing your unique HF Alkylation challenges. We are HF Alkylation Consultants and HF Alkylation is what we do.


From Europe to Africa, Australia to the US, we can support your HF Alkylation Unit anywhere. Chances are, we've been in yours.

Our Partners

  • At Stress Engineering Services we specialize in taking on your toughest technical problems because we understand that you don’t just want answers; you want the right answers.

  • FC Tech was founded in 2005 for the purpose of promoting, distributing and remanufacturing the worlds most advanced flow control technologies (FC Tech) and on-line process analyzers to the Petroleum Refining, Chemical, and Nuclear Fuels Industries in the United States and Canada. Production, Transportation and Storage are the three areas of focus with process specific expertise.

In an effort to bring the best solutions to our clients, HFAC has developed partnerships with some of the most innovative brands and products in Oil and Gas refining.