Warren, Markey ask FERC to halt pipeline's construction for rehearing

Massachusetts’ two US senators asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to revoke its Apr. 12 permission for Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. (TGP) to begin construction of a natural gas pipeline project in the western Bay State until a rehearing can be held. Source: News

Markets, not mandates, drive gas

Market forces are driving increased use of natural gas to generate electricity because it will be a reliable and low-cost choice despite any Trump administration policy changes, a report commissioned by the Natural Gas Supply Association said. Source: News

Activists vs. consumers

When political obsession steers decision-making about energy, consumers suffer. A new study by the US Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy (ITCE) estimates the economic consequences of politically motivated limits on energy transportation and economic activity thwarted by lawsuits and regulation in the US Northeast Source: News

Funding for the crowds

The concept of crowdfunding-the use of small sums of capital from a large number of investors to finance business ventures, typically via the internet-is nothing new. Source: News