Ingram adds exploration to Anadarko role

Mitch Ingram has been named executive vice-president, international, deep water, and exploration at Anadarko Petroleum Corp. He will oversee international and deepwater operations as well as global exploration and project management. Source: News

DOD report suggests limits to oil, gas activity in eastern gulf

The US Department of Defense considers the eastern Gulf of Mexico an irreplaceable national asset for developing and maintaining combat force readiness where sufficient surface limits and activity restrictions would need to be developed if oil and gas exploration and production was to be allowed there, DOD said. Source: News

Watching Government: RFS maneuvers remain political

It was far from certain as of May 15 what the Trump administration specifically would do to address renewable fuel quota problems, which led to a much-ballyhooed White House meeting a week earlier. The continuing pure politics of the situation were blindingly obvious, however. Source: News

Hope for offshore

Rumors about death of the offshore oil and gas producing industry prove—to borrow a quip attributed with embellishment to Mark Twain—to have been greatly exaggerated. This happy observation applies even where the future, not long ago, looked especially grim. Source: News

The human element

Transformation is a recurring theme at oil and gas events, as was the case at this year’s Offshore Technology Conference held earlier this month in Houston. In 2017, OTC panelists discussed Big Data and the need for skilled workers to adopt and tackle the immediate and future needs of the oil and gas industry. This […]